Promoting the Community in Langholm and Eskdale

The local community in Langholm and Eskdale will have a stronger voice with the Scottish Government in future, thanks to a new link-up.

Signing the agreement

Chick McKenna, Chair of Third Sector First (standing), and David Yarrow, Chair of Langholm Initiative, signing the agreement.

The Langholm Initiative and Third Sector First have agreed to work together in a move to help promote Langholm and Eskdale to the Scottish Government, strengthen the local community and provide more investment in the area.

Together they have created the Eskdale Third Sector Pathfinder, which will be the local agent for Third Sector First in its work to help establish and develop new community groups, such as social enterprises, charities and co-operatives.

Third Sector First is funded by the Scottish Government and Dumfries and Galloway Council to support and develop a strong third sector in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Langholm Initiative was formed in 1994 to improve the business, social and physical environment of Langholm and the surrounding areas.

David Yarrow, Chair of Langholm Initiative, said: “The Langholm Initiative fully supports the important role that Third Sector First will play in Langholm and Eskdale in future and we are pleased to be working with them to strengthen our community.

“We look forward to Eskdale Third Sector Pathfinder helping to develop and shape the future localism agenda within Dumfries and Galloway.”

One of the key priorities of the Eskdale Third Sector Pathfinder will be to encourage the formation of more social businesses in the area, as a way of delivering quality services, especially in areas such as in the care sector.

According to David Coulter, Chief Executive of Third Sector First: “Many of the services we rely on are provided by third sector organisations, such as community groups, charities and employee run businesses. Working with the Langholm Initiative we want to raise the profile of the Langholm and Eskdale area within the Scottish Government, to help attract more investment that will benefit local people.”

For more information about the Pathfinder and how it can help your local community group, contact the project manager at The Langholm Initiative: