Disabled Access Consultancy

Disabled parking sign - disabled access consultancy

Catering for your disabled customers makes good business sense

We can help your business ensure it is accessible to guests or visitors with disabilities.

Ensuring disabled access to your hotel, shop or office, is not just a question of legislation, it makes good business sense too. That is why we offer a disabled access consultancy.

Clearly, the more your properties are accessible to all, the more likely those with disabilities are to be your customers, which can only be good for your bottom line.

As public relations consultants – one of whom uses a wheelchair – we also believe that making your properties and business open and accessible to everyone makes great public relations sense too.

We all know the maxim “every satisfied customer will tell another person, but a dissatisfied customer will tell ten”. So why not help make more disabled people satisfied with your service?

Most businesses are very good at following the legislation about access for disabled people, but what we offer is an approach which is focused on the useability of your property, rather than solely its compliance with disability legislation.

Photo of wheelchair wheel - disabled access consultancy

It is important to look past the equipment and see the customer

We can help you ensure that your premises or business provides practical access for those with a disability and that disabled access is not just a tick box exercise for your organisation.

There might be one or two small things that are easily overlooked, or something more fundamental, but either way there could be barriers to disabled access that you are unaware of.  Perhaps disabled people have already been put off visiting your premises or business? We can help you identify the issues so you can put them right.

You could even go beyond the minimum required and do more to make disabled people feel welcome – this could be anything from welcoming signage to better trained staff, from the height and positioning of shelves and tables to creating turning space. Once again, we can help you to improve things both for your business and its disabled customers – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth…

For more information and a no obligation discussion about our disabled access consultancy, please contact Shaun on 07968 211664 or email info@ethos-pr.com.