Online videos

Online video is a powerful way for organisations to share their messages. Today, with easy access to the web in the office, at home and on mobile devices, more and more people are viewing videos online. So why not consider talking to us about online video production?

We thought you might like to see some examples of videos we have made for clients. Here are three of the latest videos we have produced for clients.

The first one is for national charity COFEPOW, Children of Far East Prisoners of War. This video has been produced to raise awareness of the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Japan.

The second is for 8th Day – a co-operative vegetarian shop and cafe in Manchester.

The video below was produced for Manchester Credit Union as it celebrated its 21st Birthday.

The number of videos online has grown rapidly over the past few years and the numbers are now huge. In 2011 it has been reported that over 200 billion videos were viewed online. If your online video is produced to a high standard and contains your key communications messages, it can be a real benefit to your organisation.

Informative, well-produced and fun videos can really engage your key audiences online. If you are a charity, you can use the power of an online video, say on YouTube and Twitter, to let your supporters get to know how their support is going to help beneficiaries. If you are a local retailer or business, a short online video can show why customers should come to you rather than the competition.

Working with you, we will decide how best to get your message across, write a script, plan what will be filmed, go out and film it, edit it, source appropriate music and audio if required, and even help you upload it to appropriate websites.

With prices starting at just £500 (+VAT) for a two minute video, this is an effective way to give your customers and supporters more information about you and your products.

Please call Sean on 07970 875907 to discuss online video production and to find out more about what we can do for your organisation.