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No more red noses for Father’s Day

Laserase Bolton logoA growing number of Dads are turning to thread vein removal to help get rid of their red nose, according to Laserase Bolton, to help boost their confidence in social and business situations.

A lot of men develop a red nose when they get to a certain age, and this can be caused by thread veins, which develop as we age thanks to a combination of factors, such as sun and wind exposure from playing sport or cycling, alcohol, smoking, and a medical condition called rosacea.

Julie Kershaw, Clinic Manager at Laserase Bolton, says: “We are seeing a record number of men coming in for thread vein treatment these days. It used to be just women who came in to have thread veins treated – predominantly on their legs and faces – but now men make up 30% of the people we treat.

“There are many factors which can lead to thread veins on and around the nose in men, including the effects of exposure to the elements from playing sport outside. Whatever the reason, we know from many of the men who come to us for treatment, that a red nose can have a big effect on their confidence in social and business situations.”

Laserase Bolton offers laser treatment to help clear thread veins on the face, which works by breaking down the thread veins into tiny particles that the body then destroys.

“The effects of laser treatment are usually evident within seven to ten days,” adds Julie Kershaw. “However, a number of treatments may be required, depending on the size and depth of the thread veins, and we advise on this during the free preliminary consultation.”

So if your Dad suffers from a red nose and you’re looking for a slightly different present this Father’s Day, why not book him in for a free consultation at Laserase Bolton and then, if he decides to go ahead, you could help out with treatment costs, which start at £75 a treatment. (Your Dad would need a full consultation with one of our doctors or nurses, before treatment takes place, to take his medical history and to decide if he is suitable for treatment.)

To find out more and to book a consultation contact Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900 or email: admin@laserase-bolton.co.uk.