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Think twice before you get the needle, says Laserase Bolton

Our client Laserase Bolton skin health227167_194866970560144_2319809_n centre is welcoming proposals by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to update its public health guidance on needle and syringe programmes, to prevent the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

The growth in popularity of Botox and dermal fillers has led to an increase in needle use by unregulated salons and people at home, often without proper guidelines being followed. This has led to fears that more blood-borne diseases could be spread through dirty needles and syringes.

Julie Kershaw, Clinic Manager at Laserase Bolton, said: “Everyone who uses needles at Laserase Bolton is medically trained and no needles are used twice. However, we are extremely concerned about the risks of blood contamination from dirty needles being used in unregulated clinics and for home skin treatments.

“We would urge all those considering Botox and other injectable treatments to make sure their treatment provider is regulated with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) like Laserase Bolton.”

Julie adds that Laserase Bolton disposes of all its needles and syringes using a specialist medical sharps disposal service.

More information about the new guidance, which is open for consultation, is available at: http://www.nice.org.uk/newsroom/pressreleases/ConsultsUpdatePHGuidanceLimitingHarmCausedInjectingDrugs.jsp