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New treatment hope for Bolton acne sufferers

A laser system which is helping to revolutionise the treatment of acne is being used in Bolton for the first time to help sufferers of this painful and embarrassing condition.

Acne treatment with Regenlite laserThe Regenlite laser offers fast and effective treatment for acne and acne scarring, with visible results in as little as one treatment. Typically patients will need only three treatments for longer term results.

Regenlite is backed by numerous clinical studies including publications in The Lancet and the British Journal of Dermatology. It has just become available at Laserase Bolton on the Royal Bolton Hospital site.

Clinic Manager Julie Kershaw said: “Regenlite is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the treatment of acne for many years. It is clinically proven to offer a pain-free solution to the problems of acne and acne scarring.”

The Regenlite laser works by delivering low frequency light pulses which stimulate the body’s natural responses to treat skin conditions such as acne.

Although often thought of as a teenage affliction, acne can sometimes persist into adulthood. It can also arise later in life even when there is no history of spots. Numerous celebrities, from Katy Perry to Cameron Diaz, are reported to struggle with acne. About 5% of women and 1% of men have acne over the age of 25.

Spots are caused by blocked hair follicles in the skin. Tiny sebaceous glands attached to these follicles produce sebum to help lubricate the hair and the skin to stop it drying out. Acne occurs when the glands produce too much sebum, which mixes with dead skin cells and causes a blockage in the follicle.

There are a number of reasons for the glands producing too much sebum. This includes hormonal imbalance – for example many people have acne during puberty, some women have “break outs” before or during menstruation, and others can suffer from acne when they are pregnant or during menopause. More than 80% of cases of adult acne occur in women.

One of the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is oily skin or acne. Acne can also be inherited – if both your parents had acne, you are more likely to get severe acne at an early age. Also, if one or both of your parents had adult acne, you are more like to get this too.

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by a poor diet or by unclean skin. Triggers can be anything from new cosmetics to certain foods and, for some people, whatever they do, they still get spots and “break outs”.

“Many of the people who come to us with acne have already spent lots of money trying many of the treatments available on the market without success,” added Julie Kershaw. “That’s why Regenlite is so exciting, as it offers new hope for those who suffer from this frustrating condition.”

Laserase Bolton has been treating acne for over 20 years and offers a range of treatments, which are tailored to a patient’s needs. All treatments are carried out by qualified doctors and nurses and the treatment options available are discussed in full with the patient at a free consultation.

Charity toy collection at Bolton laser clinic

Laserase Bolton logoOur client, Laserase Bolton, is once again taking part in Bolton’s Big Christmas Toy Appeal and is already collecting toys for local children and young people.

The appeal, which for many years was called the Caring Christmas Appeal, has been rebranded and Bolton Lions, the charity running the appeal in partnership with The Bolton News, has joined forces with Bolton at Home, Urban Outreach and Bolton Lads and Girls Club, to promote one large appeal with the aim of providing 2,000 children with toys this Christmas.

Julie Kershaw, Clinic Manager at Laserase Bolton, said: “We’re pleased to be a collection point for Bolton’s Big Christmas Toy Appeal and we’d urge local people to drop off as many unwanted toys as possible at our clinic on the Royal Bolton Hospital site. We’re sure that our generous customers and staff will help us exceed last year’s donations and provide even more toys for children in Bolton.”

John Crompton, Treasurer of Bolton Lions, said: “We really appreciate the support Laserase Bolton has given us in the past collecting toys for the appeal and we’re hoping that we will have a record year this year. The toys that are collected go to needy children in the Bolton area and, although we are looking for toys to be donated for children of all ages, gifts for the 12 to 16 age range are particularly welcome.”

People can drop off toys at Laserase Bolton during office hours and late nights on Tuesdays until 9pm and Thursdays until 8pm. Laserase will also be open for toy collection from 10am – 2pm on Saturday 28th November, 5th December and 12th December, as well as Sunday 6th December. For more information call Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900 or email admin@laserase-bolton.co.uk.

Huge owl tattoo leaves Darwen woman wise after the event

Ashley TothAshley Toth from Darwen was left regretting a huge owl tattoo on her lower arm and is warning other people to think before they ink. Luckily, with help from a North West laser clinic, Ashley is now well on the way to getting rid of her tattoo for good.

23 year old Ashley had always wanted a tattoo of an owl, as it was her favourite animal, but once she saw the finished design, she realised it wasn’t what she expected.

“I’d wanted a tattoo of an owl for many years,” says Ashley. “They were my mum’s favourite animal and they’re mine, so I knew that no matter what, it would always mean something to me.

“I spent months and months searching for the perfect owl and after failing to find one that I liked, I asked a tattoo artist to design one for me.”

The first time Ashley saw the design was the night before her tattoo appointment. “I wasn’t 100% sure of it,” she says, “but I told myself it was just nerves about getting it done.”

Ashley Owl TattooAshley had her tattoo in April last year but, as time went by, she began to feel that it was too big and, even though she liked the design, she wished the tattoo was smaller. In the end, Ashley decided she couldn’t live with it any more.

“After hearing about Laserase Bolton, I decided to take the plunge and get it removed,” explains Ashley.

Laserase Bolton, located in the grounds of the Royal Bolton Hospital, is one of the leading laser clinics in the North West and has been using lasers to remove tattoos for over 21 years.

“I have been having laser tattoo removal treatment regularly for the last seven months and I am already seeing good results,” says Ashley. “The tattoo has started to fade and looks a lot less obvious now.

“The staff at Laserase Bolton were all friendly and knowledgeable and I really felt put at ease by the nurse delivering my treatment. The standards are excellent and I would recommend the clinic to anyone.”

Ashley adds that, although the laser treatment can be quite painful, particularly on the areas of the tattoo where there is the most ink, the use of ice and numbing cream helps to make it less uncomfortable.

Ashley is now warning other people to think carefully before they get a tattoo done.

“Make sure the design is what you want and find out exactly how big the tattoo will be. If you need time to think about it before you go ahead, then don’t be afraid to tell the tattooist. Whatever happens, don’t be pressured into anything.

“It’s great that laser tattoo removal is there if you change your mind, but you do need to do your research to ensure you choose a reputable tattoo removal company. I chose Laserase Bolton because the removals are done by doctors and nurses and they are CQC registered.”

As well as laser tattoo removal, Laserase Bolton offers a range of skin treatments including hair reduction, acne treatment, thread vein and birth mark treatment. For more information call Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900, email admin@laserase-bolton.co.uk or visit their website www.laserase-bolton.co.uk.

Competition winner donates prize to friend for tattoo removal

Deepa Khatri receives her vouchers from Dr Kiran Patel

Deepa Khatri receives her vouchers from Dr Kiran Patel

A competition winner at this year’s Manchester International Tattoo Show has generously donated her prize to a friend, to help her have an unwanted tattoo removed.

Angela Wilson from Bolton donated the £100 Laserase vouchers she won to her friend Deepa Khatri who was saving up to have a tattoo removed. Deepa, who is also from Bolton, said she was really happy with the vouchers.

“I am really pleased as it means I can finally get rid of the tattoo I had done as a teenager,” said Deepa. “It was very kind of Angela to let me use the vouchers and I am really grateful to her.”

Deepa had some music symbols tattooed on her wrist about eight years ago, when she was a student.

“Last year I finished university and I decided that, now I am in employment, I didn’t want the tattoo any more,” explains Deepa.

Deepa had a few tattoo removal sessions previously and was just saving up for some more, which is why the vouchers were so welcome.

Deepa has now used some of her vouchers and says she is delighted with the service she received. “Everyone at Laserase Bolton has been really nice.”

The competition that Laserase Bolton ran at the Tattoo Show was to guess how many removal treatments were needed to remove a tattoo which they had pictured. Angela correctly guessed that 10 treatments were needed.

As well as tattoo removal, Laserase Bolton offers a range of skin treatments including thread vein and unwanted hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne and birth mark treatments. For more information call Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900 or visit their website www.laserase-bolton.co.uk.

NHS tattoo removal ‘exception not rule’, says Bolton laser clinic

Laserase Bolton logoDespite recent reports in the media about the cost of NHS laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal on the NHS is rare and is only carried out when major trauma is being caused to the patient, according to Laserase Bolton.

Figures showing that more than two thousand people have had tattoos removed on the NHS over the last five years, at a cost of over £330,000, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tattoo removal, explains Laserase Bolton, with many thousands of private tattoo removal treatments taking place each year.

Julie Kershaw, Clinic Manager at Laserase Bolton, says: “At Laserase Bolton alone we have carried out over 10,000 tattoo removal treatments over the last 20 years – and our prices are a fraction of those quoted in the press, starting at only £40 a session.

“For most people who choose to have tattoos in the first place, paying to have them removed is their own responsibility – and rightly so. However, for a small minority of people, tattoo removal on the NHS is necessary because of the distress caused by their tattoos. This can be for a number of reasons, such as an allergic reaction or infection caused by the tattoo, or perhaps the tattoo was done against their will and is causing significant mental health issues.”

Although almost all of Laserase Bolton’s patients pay for their own tattoo removal, the clinic is fairly unique in that it only uses experienced and qualified doctors and nurses to carry out laser tattoo removal treatment. Laserase Bolton is approved by the Care Quality Commission and always puts patient safety and care first.

The number of tattoo parlours has rocketed in recent years and, as a result of this growth in popularity of tattoos, more and more people are turning to clinics like Laserase Bolton to have them removed. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as to improve job prospects, to remove the name of an ex-partner or just because people have changed their mind.

Adds Julie Kershaw: “Tattoo removal on the NHS is the exception not the rule and there are very few instances where people can get a tattoo removed on the NHS these days.”

Dramatic increase in tattoo parlours in Bolton

Laserase Bolton logoThe number of tattoo parlours licensed in Bolton has rocketed over the last ten years according to figures from Bolton Council.

A freedom of information request to Bolton Council from laser clinic Laserase Bolton situated in the grounds of the Royal Bolton Hospital shows that the number of tattoo parlours in Bolton has grown from 4 in 2004 to 37 in 2014 – an 825% increase.

The growth of tattoo parlours in Bolton is much more dramatic than in the country as a whole. A report from Experian published last year showed that the number of tattoo parlours nationally grew by 173% over the last decade.

Julie Kershaw, Clinic Manager at Laserase Bolton, says: “Anyone who knows Bolton will realise that the number of tattoo parlours in the town has rocketed in recent years. Tattoos are very popular these days, but as a consequence of that we are seeing a growing number of people coming to our clinic for tattoo removal.

“This can be for a variety of reasons; it may be because it has been badly drawn (sometimes done by themselves), due to a forthcoming wedding where the bride or groom do not want tattoos on show on their wedding pictures, it may be to remove a name of an ex-partner, to improve job prospects, or because they’ve simply changed their mind about it, but whatever the reason Laserase Bolton can help to safely remove the tattoos.”

Laserase Bolton is the region’s leading laser clinic and has been carrying out laser tattoo removal for over 20 years. It has removed over 10,000 tattoos in all. All of its practitioners are qualified doctors and nurses.

“It is important that anyone thinking of having a tattoo checks out the tattoo parlour first,” says Julie. “As well as checking that it is registered with the local Council, make sure it looks clean and displays a health and safety certificate; check if they are a member of a recognised tattoo trade organisation and, if you know anyone with tattoos, why not get a recommendation from them first, or ask the parlour for customer testimonials.

“Of course it also makes sense to check out the artist’s portfolio, to make sure you are happy with their work.”

Think twice before you get the needle, says Laserase Bolton

Our client Laserase Bolton skin health227167_194866970560144_2319809_n centre is welcoming proposals by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to update its public health guidance on needle and syringe programmes, to prevent the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

The growth in popularity of Botox and dermal fillers has led to an increase in needle use by unregulated salons and people at home, often without proper guidelines being followed. This has led to fears that more blood-borne diseases could be spread through dirty needles and syringes.

Julie Kershaw, Clinic Manager at Laserase Bolton, said: “Everyone who uses needles at Laserase Bolton is medically trained and no needles are used twice. However, we are extremely concerned about the risks of blood contamination from dirty needles being used in unregulated clinics and for home skin treatments.

“We would urge all those considering Botox and other injectable treatments to make sure their treatment provider is regulated with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) like Laserase Bolton.”

Julie adds that Laserase Bolton disposes of all its needles and syringes using a specialist medical sharps disposal service.

More information about the new guidance, which is open for consultation, is available at: http://www.nice.org.uk/newsroom/pressreleases/ConsultsUpdatePHGuidanceLimitingHarmCausedInjectingDrugs.jsp