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Asian Skin Care Open Evening

Asian Skin Care EveningAsian skin care specialists Laserase Bolton are holding an open evening on Wednesday 13th May and offering free skin consultations to the Asian community to advise them on how to improve the look and feel of their skin and how to look after it for the longer term. The event will take place at 7.00pm at Laserase Bolton, opposite the ambulance station on the site of the Royal Bolton hospital.

Sister Saria Tahir of Laserase Bolton says: “Asian skin has some unique characteristics, some of which are very positive and some of which can cause problems. The good news is that Asian skin is more resistant to aging but the downside is that it tends to scar more easily than other skin because Asian people have a thinner ‘stratum corneum’. This is the outermost of the five layers of the epidermis, which is largely responsible for the vital barrier function of the skin, and is the first line of defence against the external environment. Unfortunately, therefore, Asian skin is genetically more predisposed to scarring.

“This means that, when it comes to laser treatment, for example, extra care must be taken with Asian skin and only qualified medical professionals should undertake laser treatment.”

Saria says that there are other skin conditions which are also more problematic for Asian skin – for example, Asian skin is more susceptible to acne and more prone to excess hair growth.

“Because of the unique nature of Asian skin, we would always recommend that expert medical advice is sought before undergoing skin treatment,” adds Saria.

Laserase Bolton is the region’s leading and longest established laser clinic and is highly experienced at treating Asian skin conditions, offering a range of skin treatments carried out by qualified medical experts. Treatments include hair reduction and removal, laser skin peels, acne and acne scarring, thread vein treatments, pixel laser rejuvenating and dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections. Laserase Bolton can also offer safe and effective tattoo removal.

To book for the Open Evening at 7pm on Wednesday 13th May ring 01204 570900 or email: admin@laserase-bolton.co.uk

An Open Morning for all skin types takes place at 11am on Saturday 13th June.

For more information on Laserase Bolton visit www.laserase-bolton.co.uk