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Haringey resident says join your credit union to support your community

Sue HoyleA member of London Capital Credit Union is calling on Haringey residents to join their local credit union to help strengthen the local community.

“Unlike high street banks, credit unions are owned by local people and work for their best interests,” says Sue Hoyle.

Sue, a former care worker, has been a member of London Capital Credit Union for 20 years and says that credit unions are such a good idea that more people should know about them.

“I believe passionately in our local community and debt is a serious issue for many people. Credit unions can be part of the solution as they keep more of the money in the local community with local people.”

Credit unions work by offering loans on affordable terms to local members and the interest raised is then made available to lend to more people locally.

“I joined London Capital Credit Union to get a loan and thanks to the way the loan was structured, I was saving at the same time as paying the loan back.”

Encouraging saving and greater financial awareness is key to the way credit unions work. Says Sue, “I had a 0% transfer credit card some years back and paid back the minimum balance by standing order each month, but basically it was like giving them money for nothing as I was mainly paying off interest, so I used my credit union loan to pay off the credit card.”

Over the years Sue says she has saved a fair amount of interest by using the credit union and has used the savings to pay for car repairs and even a holiday.

“I am just one person,” says Sue, “but, across Haringey, local people have saved over £2.9 million in loan repayments by being members of the credit union. That’s something to shout about.”

Credit unions know how to help to save

ABCUL Scotland logoFollowing the Prime Minister’s announcement of the Government’s “Help to Save” policy, Chief Executive of the Association of British Credit Unions Mark Lyonette said:

“Credit unions are all about promoting financial wellbeing and good money habits, so we welcome the Government’s new Help to Save scheme.

“Credit unions have years of experience helping people to save and make the most of their money – whether by working with employers to let staff save direct from payroll, letting people tuck away savings alongside their loan repayments, or helping people plan and afford expenses like Christmas, weddings and holidays – so many credit unions will be keen to provide the new Help to Save accounts.”

‘Vampire Treatment’ delight for Bolton Fundraising Manager

Vampire TreatmentLiz Oakes from Bolton volunteered to be a model at an open evening at Laserase Bolton recently and allowed members of the public watch her try out a revolutionary facial rejuvenation treatment – the ‘Vampire Treatment’. She is delighted with how it went.

63 year old Liz, who is Regional Fundraising Manager for Children Today, a national charity which helps local families by buying children with disabilities individual pieces of equipment to make their life easier, decided to have the treatment to improve the overall health, tone and elasticity of her skin.

Liz said: “I want to remain youthful looking in a natural way, without looking like I have had a makeover, and when I heard about the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, nicknamed the Vampire Treatment, it sounded really exciting, so I thought I would give it a try.”

The Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a non-surgical procedure which involves taking platelet rich plasma from a person’s own blood and re-injecting it into areas of the face and neck to smooth out fine lines and rejuvenate the skin.

Liz has had the first of three treatments so far and is aware that the full benefits will only be seen after the third treatment; nevertheless she says her skin is already feeling softer and smoother.

The treatment took place at Laserase Bolton, on the site of the Royal Bolton Hospital, and was carried out by a trained and qualified nurse, following a free consultation.

PRP treatment was originally used in the treatment of various injuries to help with healing, but more recently has also become popular as an anti-ageing treatment, thanks to its high profile use by the likes of Kim Kardashian and other Hollywood celebrities.

Although the ‘Vampire Treatment’ can sound a bit scary, Liz reassures anyone considering going ahead with it. “After treatment everything was absolutely fine – no swelling, bruising or side effects.”

Clinic Manager Julie Kershaw explains how PRP treatment works. “The procedure involves taking a small amount of blood from a person’s arm and spinning it in a centrifuge machine at high speed until the red and white blood cells have separated. This produces a plasma rich with platelets which is then re-injected into the patient’s face and neck.

“The platelets release growth factors, triggering surrounding cells to proliferate which in turn stimulates the repair of cells and increases the volume and rejuvenation of the skin.”

One of the main benefits over other skin rejuvenation treatments is that PRP is non-invasive and involves no foreign bodies. Because the material injected back into the patient is part of their own blood, there is very little chance of rejection.

Liz adds: “The treatment at Laserase Bolton was carried out with complete professionalism and I had total confidence in the nurse treating me and at no time felt vulnerable or uncomfortable. All my questions were answered before the treatment started and having members of the public watch and participate in the session was quite good fun.”