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Business with vision for manufacturing in England

Quantock Clothing, a Warwickshire-based business setup in 2014, is seeking to reinvigorate the smart casual menswear market with its vision of sourcing entirely from English manufacturers and promoting the ‘Made in England’ brand.

Grev Lushington - Quantock Clothing

Grev Lushington founder of Quantock Clothing

Speaking as Quantock Clothing launches additional lines to its range, founder Grev Lushington from Rugby, said: “At Quantock Clothing we manufacture all of our products in England and are committed to developing high quality, stylish and desirable ranges that are also accessibly priced. Made in England does not have to mean unaffordable”.

According to Grev, people have a growing desire to understand more about the provenance of their clothing; who makes it, how it is made and under what conditions. “When you look at this, it makes total sense to push a ‘Made in England’ agenda – we do things well in this country and we value our people”, he says.

Add to this an understanding of what is involved in bringing clothing from far afield regions such as the Far East to retail stores in the Western World, and you start to consider the sustainability of the practice currently adopted by many brands. The scale of operations, distances involved and sheer complexity of logistics before anything is even sold, is not always appreciated.

Adds Grev: “We work with high quality manufacturers throughout England and have greatly appreciated their support and dedication to help us bring our vision to life. In addition, we have a strong commitment to provide exemplary levels of service to our customers and believe the future promises to be very exciting, indeed.”

Currently, the Quantock Clothing range includes jeans, button down shirts, knitwear, polo shirts, belts and cufflinks all designed and made in England.

Huge owl tattoo leaves Darwen woman wise after the event

Ashley TothAshley Toth from Darwen was left regretting a huge owl tattoo on her lower arm and is warning other people to think before they ink. Luckily, with help from a North West laser clinic, Ashley is now well on the way to getting rid of her tattoo for good.

23 year old Ashley had always wanted a tattoo of an owl, as it was her favourite animal, but once she saw the finished design, she realised it wasn’t what she expected.

“I’d wanted a tattoo of an owl for many years,” says Ashley. “They were my mum’s favourite animal and they’re mine, so I knew that no matter what, it would always mean something to me.

“I spent months and months searching for the perfect owl and after failing to find one that I liked, I asked a tattoo artist to design one for me.”

The first time Ashley saw the design was the night before her tattoo appointment. “I wasn’t 100% sure of it,” she says, “but I told myself it was just nerves about getting it done.”

Ashley Owl TattooAshley had her tattoo in April last year but, as time went by, she began to feel that it was too big and, even though she liked the design, she wished the tattoo was smaller. In the end, Ashley decided she couldn’t live with it any more.

“After hearing about Laserase Bolton, I decided to take the plunge and get it removed,” explains Ashley.

Laserase Bolton, located in the grounds of the Royal Bolton Hospital, is one of the leading laser clinics in the North West and has been using lasers to remove tattoos for over 21 years.

“I have been having laser tattoo removal treatment regularly for the last seven months and I am already seeing good results,” says Ashley. “The tattoo has started to fade and looks a lot less obvious now.

“The staff at Laserase Bolton were all friendly and knowledgeable and I really felt put at ease by the nurse delivering my treatment. The standards are excellent and I would recommend the clinic to anyone.”

Ashley adds that, although the laser treatment can be quite painful, particularly on the areas of the tattoo where there is the most ink, the use of ice and numbing cream helps to make it less uncomfortable.

Ashley is now warning other people to think carefully before they get a tattoo done.

“Make sure the design is what you want and find out exactly how big the tattoo will be. If you need time to think about it before you go ahead, then don’t be afraid to tell the tattooist. Whatever happens, don’t be pressured into anything.

“It’s great that laser tattoo removal is there if you change your mind, but you do need to do your research to ensure you choose a reputable tattoo removal company. I chose Laserase Bolton because the removals are done by doctors and nurses and they are CQC registered.”

As well as laser tattoo removal, Laserase Bolton offers a range of skin treatments including hair reduction, acne treatment, thread vein and birth mark treatment. For more information call Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900, email or visit their website

Laser hair reduction treatment helps polycystic ovaries sufferers

Sister Saria Tahir

Saria Tahir

For women suffering from polycystic ovaries syndrome, one of the most visible and embarrassing effects of the illness is the growth of excess face and body hair. However for Saria Tahir from Bury, and many others like her, laser hair reduction treatment is helping to alleviate these symptoms.

Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects millions of women. Those who suffer from PCOS typically have high levels of male hormones (androgens), missed or irregular periods and many harmless small cysts on their ovaries. The exact cause of polycystic ovary syndrome is unknown, but according to NHS UK, it is thought to be related to abnormal hormone levels.

The symptoms of PCOS include difficulty getting pregnant, weight gain, excessive hair growth on the face and body, hair loss from the head and acne. Although PCOS can’t be cured, the symptoms can be managed, and laser hair reduction is one way of helping to treat excessive hair growth.

Saria, who is a nurse at Laserase Bolton, was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome about seven years ago.

“When I was first diagnosed, I was suffering from many of the symptoms related to the illness, such as excess hair growth, weight gain and acne. I had tried all sorts of creams for unwanted hair, but none of them really worked and I needed a more permanent solution.

“As I work at Laserase Bolton, I was aware of laser hair reduction treatment, so I decided to give it a try. I had four treatments at four weekly intervals and the results were great. The hair regrowth was about 80% less than it had been and any hairs that did grow back were much finer.”

Saria followed up on her initial course of treatment with additional sessions once every three or four months for a while.

Saria adds that laser hair reduction treatment is painless, is less abrasive than other hair reduction treatments and has helped to improve the condition of her skin.

Dr Kiran Patel at Laserase Bolton, says: “We see a number of women each year like Saria, who come to us for laser hair reduction treatment as a result of polycystic ovaries syndrome.

“Women are encouraged to see their GP in the first instance if they have any of the typical symptoms of PCOS. However, for women like Saria, it is reassuring to know that hair reduction treatment can help to provide a solution for one of the most embarrassing effects of this illness.”

Dr Patel also explains that, as Asian skin is more susceptible to scarring, when it comes to laser treatment extra care must be taken with Asian skin and only qualified medical professionals should undertake treatment.”

Laserase Bolton is one of the leading laser clinics in the North West of England and has been established for over 20 years. All of its practitioners are qualified doctors and nurses. For hair reduction, Laserase Bolton uses the Soprano XL laser, which is one of the best on the market and offers a fast, efficient and virtually painless way to remove hair from any part of the body.

As well as hair reduction treatment, Laserase Bolton offers a range of skin treatments including tattoo removal, acne treatment, thread vein and birth mark treatment. For more information call Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900, email or visit the website

Asian Skin Care Open Evening

Asian Skin Care EveningAsian skin care specialists Laserase Bolton are holding an open evening on Wednesday 13th May and offering free skin consultations to the Asian community to advise them on how to improve the look and feel of their skin and how to look after it for the longer term. The event will take place at 7.00pm at Laserase Bolton, opposite the ambulance station on the site of the Royal Bolton hospital.

Sister Saria Tahir of Laserase Bolton says: “Asian skin has some unique characteristics, some of which are very positive and some of which can cause problems. The good news is that Asian skin is more resistant to aging but the downside is that it tends to scar more easily than other skin because Asian people have a thinner ‘stratum corneum’. This is the outermost of the five layers of the epidermis, which is largely responsible for the vital barrier function of the skin, and is the first line of defence against the external environment. Unfortunately, therefore, Asian skin is genetically more predisposed to scarring.

“This means that, when it comes to laser treatment, for example, extra care must be taken with Asian skin and only qualified medical professionals should undertake laser treatment.”

Saria says that there are other skin conditions which are also more problematic for Asian skin – for example, Asian skin is more susceptible to acne and more prone to excess hair growth.

“Because of the unique nature of Asian skin, we would always recommend that expert medical advice is sought before undergoing skin treatment,” adds Saria.

Laserase Bolton is the region’s leading and longest established laser clinic and is highly experienced at treating Asian skin conditions, offering a range of skin treatments carried out by qualified medical experts. Treatments include hair reduction and removal, laser skin peels, acne and acne scarring, thread vein treatments, pixel laser rejuvenating and dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections. Laserase Bolton can also offer safe and effective tattoo removal.

To book for the Open Evening at 7pm on Wednesday 13th May ring 01204 570900 or email:

An Open Morning for all skin types takes place at 11am on Saturday 13th June.

For more information on Laserase Bolton visit