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Competition winner donates prize to friend for tattoo removal

Deepa Khatri receives her vouchers from Dr Kiran Patel

Deepa Khatri receives her vouchers from Dr Kiran Patel

A competition winner at this year’s Manchester International Tattoo Show has generously donated her prize to a friend, to help her have an unwanted tattoo removed.

Angela Wilson from Bolton donated the £100 Laserase vouchers she won to her friend Deepa Khatri who was saving up to have a tattoo removed. Deepa, who is also from Bolton, said she was really happy with the vouchers.

“I am really pleased as it means I can finally get rid of the tattoo I had done as a teenager,” said Deepa. “It was very kind of Angela to let me use the vouchers and I am really grateful to her.”

Deepa had some music symbols tattooed on her wrist about eight years ago, when she was a student.

“Last year I finished university and I decided that, now I am in employment, I didn’t want the tattoo any more,” explains Deepa.

Deepa had a few tattoo removal sessions previously and was just saving up for some more, which is why the vouchers were so welcome.

Deepa has now used some of her vouchers and says she is delighted with the service she received. “Everyone at Laserase Bolton has been really nice.”

The competition that Laserase Bolton ran at the Tattoo Show was to guess how many removal treatments were needed to remove a tattoo which they had pictured. Angela correctly guessed that 10 treatments were needed.

As well as tattoo removal, Laserase Bolton offers a range of skin treatments including thread vein and unwanted hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne and birth mark treatments. For more information call Laserase Bolton on 01204 570900 or visit their website

The top three hotels in the world

In his latest blog, Sean looks at customer service excellence in the hospitality sector.

Recently,  a discussion in the office turned to the number of hotels we have visited since Ethos public relations was founded in 1998.

Over these 17 years we must have stayed at hundreds of hotels, both for business and pleasure.

We have stayed in budget hotels to get our heads down after a long business meeting; big conference venues in Brussels, Prague, Berlin and Birmingham, to name but a few; small bed and breakfasts with friendly owners, and corporate chains with less than friendly temporary (and overworked) staff.

It didn’t take long before we started comparing the various stays and, rather than focusing on the negatives of any particular stay, we thought about the top three hotels we had stayed at.

Now, the results, which we tweeted recently, are not very scientific. There was not a tick box questionnaire, review website or analysis of value for money, but rather we thought about the best overall experience in a hotel.

Before we repeat the results, it’s true to say that we cannot recall staying in any really awful hotels. It’s true we have experienced bed bugs, bins being emptied at 6am, reservations cock-ups, loud guests and un-adjustable heating/air conditioning but, in general, hotels and their staff are very capable.

Our shortlist of our top three hotels in the world – yes we know that’s terrible PR hype – is: the Gran Melia Victoria in Palma, Mallorca, the Holiday Inn, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire and The Hadley Park Hotel in Wellington, Shropshire.

Hadley Park Hotel

Hadley Park Hotel

In many ways these hotels couldn’t be more different. One looks over the Mediterranean, another the Manchester Ship Canal and the third is surrounded by a business park.



Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port

Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port

But the similarity is in their focus on customer service, or at least as we received it. Public relations, we always tell our clients, is about the way customers and guests perceive you and the experience they receive when interacting with your business.

Gran Melia Victoria

Gran Melia Victoria

In these three hotels we have received customer service that made us feel valued, as though the employees of the hotels really enjoyed our visit. Now of course we know the hospitality industry spends a fortune on guest customer service training and the service we received might be down to that. But somehow, I think it is down to something much more basic. I think these hotels employed nice people. And that is worth so much more than corporate brand, stunning location, posh grub or free wi-fi.

Savings boost for London Capital Credit Union

London Capital Credit Union logoLondon Capital Credit Union has had one of its best months ever, with member savings rocketing by £300, 000 in March alone.

The credit union saw its savings deposits grow by almost 4% last month, taking the total amount of member savings to over £7.75 million for the first time.

Martin Groombridge, Chief Executive of London Capital Credit Union, said: “2015 is proving to be another exceptional year for us, with more people than ever turning to the credit union to find a safe home for their savings.

“With bank interest rates at rock bottom, the dividend offered by London Capital Credit Union looks very attractive – last year, for example, we paid 1.2% on all of our members’ savings. For an instant access account, this rate of return is not to be sniffed at.”

Martin adds that many people are also turning to the credit union because they like its ethics and philosophy of putting customers first.

“As a co-operative owned and controlled by its members, people like the fact that their money is staying in the community and not being used to generate profits for investors or speculators.”

London Capital Credit Union is dedicated to promoting saving and helping people deal with debt and now has over 11,000 members.

“At London Capital Credit Union, we believe that one of the best ways of keeping people out of the clutches of payday lenders and other high interest lenders is to encourage a savings habit and, by putting a little bit away each month, people can soon build up a pot of money to cover any unexpected expenses,” says Martin. “We are pleased that our message is getting through and that more and more people now see the credit union as a good place to save.”

London Capital Credit Union provides secure savings and low cost loans for anyone living, working or studying in Barnet, Camden, City of London, Hackney, Haringey or Islington. As a locally owned and run co-operative, all the money saved in the credit union stays in the community and is used to help other local people.

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